My name is Amanda Marshall

I am the founder of 3 Donkeys and this is my story……

After another lambing season I realised as a female the coveralls I used were just not designed for women in the farming world or in fact any industry type jobs we hold. Simple things like the logistics of answering the call of nature (the entire coverall having to come off particularly in Winter – catch my drift) , the shape of us versus men and various other irritating factors to go on about, I set to work on the ideal design to help me in my business which is predominately farming and equestrian.

I wanted to design something very practical but also stylish and give women the empowerment to look good in typically a fairly mucky job whilst keeping clothes clean at least longer than a day. As I started to get creative I had numerous conversations and conducted market research with other industry females that I knew from all professional backgrounds of farming, equestrian, dog walking, painters & decorators and quickly realised this is a big issue and the demand for me to produce it was high.

Today we have the designs completed, registered and in production for launch Winter 2018 and truly believe they are look fantastic whilst totally practical and priced at a level of long lasting quality.

3 Donkeys are so excited about the launch and where we will go, creative wise, in the future. We hope this design revolutionises your day at work.

The 3 Donkeys Team


about 3 Donkeys

3 Donkeys launched in 2017, as a family run business based in Devon, who believes in providing top quality coveralls for all types of work and leisure environments produced in the most environmentally friendly way we can. We are a small business enabling us to treat all our customers as individuals but with the experience and professionalism of any large organisation.

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