3 Donkeys Customer Testimonials and Reviews

As a growing, independent brand, the feedback, reviews, and testimonials we get from our customers is invaluable to us. Among other things, it tells us we’re doing something positive for women’s workwear and people love our product.

But it also gives us an opportunity to react positively, make our products even better for you, and expand our range as well. We love happy customers so why not read what they’re really saying about our 3 Donkeys coveralls?

N Saunders

Fantastic! Just slip them on when going to check horses late at night, or while doing yard work before riding, and I’m lovely and clean underneath!

G Gilbert

Amanda’s coveralls are fabulous, stylish, comfy and do an amazing job of keeping everything clean. Perfect for keeping competition clothes clean and work clothes when down the yard before or after work.

V. Dimond

It was nice milking this afternoon to have a break from the wind. 3 Donkeys Coveralls really help keep me warm and help keep the wind chill out. 👩‍🌾

I have been working in them for over a month, from milking my cows, seeing over 1000+ ewes and lambing they have kept me clean and warm throughout the day. The coveralls and very comfortable and stylish and come in two colours purple or blue.

T. Macedo-Dine

Great quality, super practical and also stylish

S. Hughman

Thank you 3 Donkeys for Leah Ford’s all in one suit these are amazing and just what we’ve been looking for. I’m even thinking of some for myself 😊 well made, good fit, great colour. Leahs just got the bottoms on today but loves the way they are so versatile.

R. O’Neill

Ideal outer layer to go over shiny show kit at an event! No more ‘unloading’ marks on white breeches. Brilliantly designed well made and a good price. Highly recommended 👍🏻

E. Peplow

I can not recommend 3 donkeys ltd enough!

The effort and quality are like no other. There my ultimate go to. Always kept in my car for when I need them. I use them for everything. My normal clothes has never been so clean 😂💕💕

two women wearning classic blue and purple coveralls centered with the american flag