Have A Cleaner Clipping Experience With 2to1® Women’s Coveralls

A horse being clipped by someone wearing 2to1 women’s workwear from 3 Donkeys

The clipping season sees plenty of activity in the equine and farming industries at this time of year as animals get to lose their winter coats. While plenty of our 3 Donkeys customers work in these areas, they already understand the importance of clipping. So, for those who don’t know, as we get close to the end of the clipping season, we’ll look at what clipping is and why having the right gear is essential. 

The purpose of clipping

Clipping is an essential practice for horses and cattle, serving a functional and decorative purpose. For horses who are worked over the winter months, it helps regulate their body temperature, preventing them from getting too sweaty and overheating during exercise. A clipped coat will also help them dry and cool off more quickly while keeping it in tip-top condition. 

On cattle, clipping the coat along their back serves a similar purpose for regulating their body heat, reducing sweat and the potential risk of pneumonia. But clipping them this way also removes any shelter for lice or parasites. This clip also makes it easier to use any pour-on medication so cattle owners can have a happy, healthy, and disease-free herd.

The process of clipping

Whether horses or cattle, clipping involves using specialised tools to trim their hair or coats, typically coming out of the cooler months when they no longer need a thicker coat. For horses, the type of clip you give them depends on the amount of work they’ll do, what rugs they wear, and whether they’re stabled over winter. 

And how long does clipping take? Well, that depends on how many horses you need to clip and how good you are at it! If you’re working alone, you could spend around two hours doing a full clip, maybe longer if you’re new to it. But to save your horse from boredom during the process, you could supply him with a full hay net so he can munch away the time.

The perfect gear for the job

Clipping requires precision and attention to detail as it improves the animal’s appearance and contributes to its overall health and well-being. So, using good quality clippers from an established brand will be an invaluable investment. But besides your clippers, what about the right gear to wear while you’re doing it?

Our 2to1® women’s coveralls are purpose-designed to meet the demands of equestrian and farm professionals. With a focus on comfort and functionality, the coveralls have complete flexibility, so you can move with ease during your clipping sessions and any other activity you choose to wear them for.

And because clipping can be messy, our coveralls can withstand everything thrown at them, offering unmatched durability and protection. Made from high-quality, breathable materials, they keep you clean while providing an all-weather-resistant barrier against rain and wind, as well as mud, muck, and grime. So you stay comfortable and focused on the job, regardless of the conditions.

Get clipping with 3 Donkeys

Our coveralls are more than just protective gear – they’re versatile women’s workwear that help with clipping or only of your daily tasks. With thoughtful design features such as multiple pockets, adjustable cuffs, and an elasticated waistband, they give you convenience and practicality when you need it most. 

Our 2to1® women’s coveralls combine style, functionality, and durability, ensuring you can tackle clipping and any task with confidence and ease. Check out our women’s 2to1® coveralls today and shop The Classic, The Original, and The Exmoor with free standard delivery. And if you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll get an extra 10% off your order.

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