How to stay warm when working outside this winter

How to stay warm when working outside this winter

As winter gets into full swing, the weather outside turns colder and the nights fall quicker. This means staying warm is key for the many women who work outdoors. Whether you are a farmer, landscape gardener or anything else which sees you exposed to the elements when working, this is really essential. It will not only help you to be more comfortable when going about your job but also keep illness at bay.

But what are the best tips for staying warmer when out in the winter chill?

Ladies’ coveralls

Women’s coveralls are perhaps the number one way to stay snug when outside in the colder months. Coveralls will help to keep body heat inside thanks to their design and provide a barrier against the wind or colder temperatures. Buying ones specifically designed for women is also vital. This will ensure they fit properly and look stylish while also allowing you to move freely to perform your daily tasks.

Warm coat

When it gets very cold out, you will also need a warm coat on top of any coveralls. This extra layer will help give more insulation against biting wind or icy temperatures. The great thing about layering like this is that you can take your coat off if you work inside for a while to avoid getting too hot. Look for coats which have plenty of padding to keep you warm and a hood to keep rain or snow off you.

Hat and gloves

Most people know that a lot of heat is lost from our heads. This makes wearing a hat key to staying warm when working outside in winter. A hat will help to reduce heat loss from your head and keep you warmer as a result. Gloves are also a good idea at this time of year. They will help to stop your hands from getting too cold to work and ensure you can carry out tasks safely and properly.

Womens workwear with 3 Donkeys

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