3 Donkeys Nikwax Tech Wash and Cotton Proof Set


The high-performance complement to any breathable and weatherproof fabrics, this set of two premium Nikwax products will keep your 3 Donkeys Dartmoor Equestrian coveralls clean, protected, and weatherproof, keeping you dry for longer.

Nikwax is the market leader in high-performance waterproofing, cleaning, and all-round conditioning of all outdoor gear, from tents and equipment to footwear and clothing. And that’s why we’ve chosen these two incredible products to help you keep your ladies coveralls clean, weatherproof, and in the best condition however much you use them. This set includes:

Tech Wash

Tech Wash is a wash-in cleaner that safely cleans and regenerates the breathability, and maintains the water-repellency, of your Dartmoor equestrian coveralls which can diminish over time. You can use it for a spot clean on a specific area or add it to a separate washing machine cycle for a quick and easy way to thoroughly clean your coveralls while maintaining their water repellency and prolonging their life.

Cotton Proof

For extra wet weather protection, Cotton Proof is perfect for reproofing your coveralls, keeping them breathable and increasing their weather resistance. Another wash-in product, this leaves a fresh and flexible layer of water repellent treatment that develops as your coveralls air dry. It not only helps protect you from the rain when you’re working outside, but also increases the speed of drying.

All Nikwax products are easy to use and are environmentally safe. They’re non-toxic, water-based, and have no propellant gases or fluorocarbons.

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Product Details

  • Cotton Proof – 300ml bottle
  • Handwash and machine-wash safe
  • Use products separately
  • Air dry out of direct sunlight

We make sure each of our clothing and accessory items are sourced from manufacturers who are ethically and environmentally responsible for their products and their workforce.

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