3 Donkeys Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On


The high-performance finishing touch to any breathable and waterproof fabrics, this premium Nikwax product will keep the ballistic nylon areas of your 3 Donkeys Classic coveralls clean, weather-protected, and waterproof, keeping your knees dry and protected from wet or dampness.

Nikwax is the market leader in high-performance waterproofing, cleaning, and all-round conditioning of all outdoor gear, from tents and equipment to footwear and clothing. And that’s why we’ve chosen this incredible spray-on product to help maintain the waterproof areas on your Classic ladies coveralls.

TX.Direct® Spray-On

TX.Direct® is a fast, easy to use, and quick-drying waterproofing spray that renews the water-repellency to the ballistic nylon areas on the knees of your Classic coveralls. This can fade over time as you wash them, so with direct spray treatment onto the area, TX.Direct® brings back the breathability of the material and restores the waterproof shield for your knees.

Please note: Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On is designed only to work on the waterproof/ballistic nylon areas of your Classic coveralls. It’s not intended to be used on the rest of the garment as it’s not a waterproof material.

All Nikwax products are easy to use and are environmentally safe. They’re non-toxic, water-based, and have no propellant gases or fluorocarbons.

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Product Details

  • TX.Direct® Spray-On – 300ml bottle
  • Spray directly and evenly onto the outside of the fabric
  • Can be used on wet (freshly washed) items
  • Air dry 

We make sure each of our clothing and accessory items are sourced from manufacturers who are ethically and environmentally responsible for their products and their workforce.

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