The 3 Donkeys Plastic Free July Challenge

There’s no denying that plastic can be a useful and convenient material in many of its shapes and forms. But the grim reality is, our single-use plastic habit is choking our planet and clogging our oceans, causing damage to ecosystems all over the world. The good news is, there’s something we can all do about it. And Plastic Free July is a great time to start.

Plastic-free challenge

It’s no secret that plastic is doing a lot of harm to the planet. As time has marched on, the response has been to find more ways to recycle cleanly, effectively, and efficiently. But while we’re moving in the right direction, it’s our responsibility to try and prevent plastic waste in the first place. Recycling is good, but reducing single-use plastics and opting for more sustainable packaging is even better.

So what’s Plastic Free July 2021 all about? It’s a campaign running from July 1st – 31st that aims to raise awareness and encourage people to go plastic-free and refuse single-use plastics for a whole month. Run as an initiative by the Plastic Free Foundation, Plastic Free July is a great way to work towards a world with zero plastic waste.

Through their site, you can sign up to take the challenge, and find out more about what you can do at home, at work, at events, and in business, to reduce your plastic use. But it doesn’t need to be kept to just a single month. Once you get into the routine, you can just carry on.

So what did 3 Donkeys do? We’re a pretty green bunch here at 3DHQ and always do what we can to reduce our plastic use anyway. But as a family business, we always try to go one step further.

Eco packaging

Many of our fab customers are well aware of 3 Donkeys’ ethos when it comes to packaging our workwear coveralls for women. Though perfect workwear for mucking out and being an ideal women’s equestrian coverall, we always package each set as if they’re being used for Sunday best.

But all the care and attention we put into our packaging goes deeper than just making your products look nice when you open them. We make a conscious decision to use as little single-use plastic as possible – preferably none. Instead, we send all our 2-into-1 ladies overalls and apparel to customers using materials that can all be recycled, reused, or repurposed in others ways.

And while our popular gift-wrapping service uses the same packaging materials, we also include one of our 3 Donkeys drawstring bags which are made from 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled PET plastic bottles. So while all our packaging is as environmentally friendly and plastic-free as possible, our drawstring bags are 100% reusable and eco-friendly too.

Summer essentials

We’ll always do what we can to reduce or eliminate our use of single-use plastic, especially when it comes to the manufacture and packaging of all our products. We’ll also continue doing more for the rest of #PlasticFreeJuly – and beyond. But how about you – were you up for the challenge? And will you carry on? Follow our Twitter and Instagram feeds and let us know.

In the meantime, as the weather’s super hot at the moment, check out some of our summer essentials to keep you cool. Our 3 Donkeys Daisy vest and t-shirt are both in stock while our new premium Holly baseball caps are now available too. Don’t forget – if you sign up for our newsletter, you can also get 10% off!

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