5 Reasons To Shop Small And Independent This Christmas

Gift wrapped women’s coveralls from 3 Donkeys in front of a Christmas tree.

As a small independent business, we love to support similar companies throughout the year, especially at Christmas. And it looks like many Christmas-shopping Brits favour independent retailers, too. So, in the run-up to this year’s big day, we’ve put together five excellent reasons why it’s a great time to shop small and independent this Christmas for all your presents and food.

Shop small and independent this Christmas

According to recent research, as a country, the UK is predicted to spend a whopping £27.6bn on gifts for Christmas this year, up from just over £20bn in 2022. So, with Christmas nearly upon us, it’s crucial to think about where we spend our hard-earned cash. While spending with big-brand retailers may be tempting, there’s something fabulous about supporting small independent businesses in-store or online. Here’s why:

1. Boosting local economy

When you buy from small independent businesses, you invest directly in your local community. These retailers contribute significantly more to the local economy by using other local suppliers and encouraging a healthy commercial landscape. Shopping small and independent for your Christmas present can boost local economic growth and help keep the character of your town or city alive.

2. A personal experience

Unlike larger chain stores, independent businesses offer a more personal shopping experience. Friendly faces, knowledgeable staff, and a welcoming atmosphere create an environment where you feel valued. And indie shop owners often go the extra mile to give you individual service, with every order genuinely appreciated.

3. Unique Gifts

Independent businesses often offer a selection of handcrafted or unique items you won’t find in the usual high street stores. Shopping small and independent this Christmas helps you find one-of-a-kind gifts that carry a special touch, making your presents stand out. Whether artisanal chocolates, handmade crafts, or personalised gifts, they give a sense of care and consideration.

4. More eco-friendly

Choosing small and independent businesses this Christmas can mean you choose more sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Smaller shops often source their products locally, reducing the carbon footprint of transportation and will likely be more environmentally conscious. By using more recycled materials and reducing their packaging waste, shopping small and indie means making a sustainable choice with a positive environmental impact.

5. It’s more enjoyable

From gifts to the all-important Christmas food, whether online or in-store, shopping small, independent, and local means a lot to every retailer. And an extra boost at Christmas might make all the difference to keeping these stores open for another year for us to enjoy. For all of the reasons above, it makes a more enjoyable shopping experience for you and them.

Shop 3 Donkeys this Christmas

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