3 Donkeys Exmoor Coveralls: One Design, Two Retailers

Model wearing 3 Donkeys Exmoor Coveralls in hi-vis orange with horse.

Our partnership with Leo Workwear has led to a new chapter in the 3 Donkeys story. We’re blown away by the positive reaction to our new and reimagined 3 Donkeys Exmoor Coveralls, and we’ve been teasing you with alternative options and colourways. So, with the launch of our new Exmoor hi-vis coveralls and Leo’s Honeychurch hi-vis coverall using the same design, we thought we’d give you some background on how both companies can sell the same innovative product.

Our Leo Workwear partnership

Two years ago, 3 Donkeys began a fantastic design and production collaboration with Barnstaple-based hi-vis clothing specialists Leo Workwear. These guys are leaders in designing and manufacturing high-quality hi-vis workwear. And with over 40 years of experience, they have one of the most comprehensive ranges in the UK and EU PPE market, worn extensively across many industry sectors.

Our customers regularly asked about hi-vis clothing for safety reasons. With many working on farms or in stables, there’s plenty of early winter morning or late night activity. So, partnering with Leo gave us access to a new world of opportunity.

The first results came just a few months ago when we launched our first range of 3 Donkeys branded hi-vis women’s workwear – the Ashbury Snood Sweatshirt, Foxworthy Hoodie, and Raven Waistcoat. These are all 3D branded variations of Leo’s existing products, and they’re an excellent range for us, helping anyone who works at night or in low-light visibility. 

But by expanding on those items and having access to Leo’s all-weather recycled fabrics and materials and their knowledge and experience of hi-vis workwear, we produced an all-new, reimagined ladies’ coverall – the Exmoor Coverall.

Licensing and the launch of the Leo Honeychurch

One of the reasons behind our partnership with Leo was a licensing agreement. This would allow them to use our 2-to-1 registered designs for their products. That meant I gave Leo permission to use our designs to offer hi-vis versions of our 3 Donkeys Exmoor Coveralls to their customers through distributors. Leo sell these without any 3 Donkeys branding, purely under their own label.

Now Leo has officially launched this new design as their own Honeychurch 2-part coverall and has added it to their growing collection of hi-vis workwear. Our friend Katherine Evans, founder of the Bold As Brass community, recently posted a video of the new coveralls being put through their paces – read her post and watch the video on LinkedIn.

While we hope they sell lots of them, we’re now selling the hi-vis versions of the Exmoor Coverall directly to you through our website, complete with our own 3 Donkeys branding.

3 Donkeys Exmoor Coveralls – hi-vis

While our current dark navy Exmoor Coveralls are ideal for outdoor, all-weather working during the daylight hours, you can now buy them to work safely at any time, in any weather, in two new hi-vis colourways: hi-vis yellow and hi-vis orange in all sizes from XXS to 6XL. 

Both feature reflective piping and pocket flaps with wraparound reflective taping around the body, sleeves, and legs for maximum visibility. And, of course, that innovative chunky waist zip that allows you to separate the trouser and jacket for maximum comfort and convenience. 

So, let us know what you think. And if you order a pair now, we’ll deliver them in time for Christmas – last order date: Wednesday 20th December! (Please note: Unfortunately, we can only dispatch the hi-vis yellow Exmoor on January 15th 2024).


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