Celebrating Independents’ Day UK

Last week, America celebrated their Independence Day, but July 4th saw Independents’ Day here in the UK too, and 3 Donkeys were celebrating – were you?

What is Independents’ Day?

It’s a campaign that aims to support and promote all independent retailers across the UK. In doing so, it highlights how important independent businesses – like 3 Donkeys – are to our economy. And why having alternatives to big-name brands gives shoppers a chance to buy local, buy small – and maybe even buy better.

An independent – or ‘indie’ – retailer is basically a retail business that’s privately owned. Whether their sector is food, drink, clothes, or anything else, indies offer a whole range of products for the buying public who want a real alternative to paying for brand names, logos, and shareholder dividends.

The personal touch

But as well as independent businesses offering more choice, a range of different products, and more often than not, better quality, it can also mean helping other UK businesses in their supply chain. As proud members of Make It British, 3 Donkeys avoid imported supplies wherever we can, and instead use other UK-based companies for many of our products and packaging.

But one factor comes into play that helps every customer of an indie business – and that’s customer service. Good, genuine customer service plays a big part in retail, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why shoppers prefer smaller shops and sellers.

Independent business owners are able to give a consistently good level of customer service. Mainly because they’re more invested in it, and are frequently the point of contact rather than a corporate Manager or call centre. But being readily available for advice on products, delivery, or anything else can make all the difference to customers looking for the personal touch.

A genuine alternative in ladies coveralls

Finding a niche market to trade in isn’t always easy – especially when there are big, established brands to compete with. Since our launch in December 2018, 3 Donkeys has been on a real learning curve, but it means we’re now in our second proper year of trading. And we have all of you to thank for helping us get here.

When our ladies coveralls and apparel first hit the market, our customer base was pretty small, but we found them. And they found us too, because we offered a genuinely alternative product that wasn’t available before. And we made a point of having great customer service.

It’s taken plenty of effort to spread the word – whether it’s been through social media, advertising in print and online, or using our brand ambassadors to help us. But building up our independent business and product range is all part of the process.

Support your local indie

Independents’ Day is a brilliant initiative to get us supporting and buying from our independent retailers – online or in person. By buying from them, it helps our local economy and job growth. But more than that, in challenging times when retail is suffering, our support is welcome all year round.

This is why we’re happy to help other indie retailers and businesses and support Independents’ Day this year and whenever we can. And don’t forget, when you buy online and support 3 Donkeys, you now get free UK delivery on all orders of our functional and fabulous ladies coveralls and apparel.

3 Donkeys