From Purple to Green – What 3 Donkeys Does To Be Eco-Friendly

When 3 Donkeys started life back in 2018, our mission was to design and create womens workwear that’s practical, comfortable, and versatile – with an added shot of style and fabulousness thrown in. And, despite our purple branding, we wanted 3 Donkeys to be as green and eco-friendly as possible in every area. So what do we do to achieve it?

Making the right choices

Living and working on a farm in the heart of Devon, we’re lucky to see the scale and beauty of mother nature up close. And while we’re always as eco-friendly as possible in our day to day family life, entering the world of clothing manufacture and e-commerce presented a whole new set of challenges.

It was all about making the right choices and doing the right thing to deliver slow-fashion to our customers in an environmentally-friendly way, and being aware of our environmental influence – from creating products to how we deliver them and everything in between. So where did we start?

Coveralls and apparel

Materials were an obvious starting point. All our coveralls and apparel are made from hard-wearing, natural cotton, with additional polyester where applicable, to give long-lasting wear and eliminate fast-fashion as much as possible.

But our Dartmoor Premium ladies coveralls are constructed from Ventile cotton. We chose this particular fabric because it’s environmentally-friendly, fully sustainable, slow-fashion, and 100% natural – all things that align with our own values – as well as being weatherproof, windproof, rainproof, and water repellent.

A more recent addition to the 3 Donkeys range is our popular drawstring bag. We send out one bag with every order of our ladies coveralls (they’re available to buy separately too) and they’re great for storing them or just for everyday use.

But each bag is made from 70% recycled cotton blended with 30% PET polyester – which is basically recycled fabric made from plastic bottles – so they’re 100% reusable, sustainable, and eco-friendly – and it helps us do our bit to help rid the world of plastic.

And all our coveralls are proudly made in Britain too, so we reduce our carbon footprint in our supply chain as much as we possibly can.

Packaging and delivery

If you’ve ever bought any items from 3 Donkeys, you’ll know we like to put a little bit extra into our packaging. But even that is as eco-friendly as possible. Doing our best to reduce single-use plastics, all our packaging and gift-wrapping is designed to be easily recycled, reused many more times, or repurposed for other things.

We’ve even thought about how we deliver your items to you as well. For our UK mainland deliveries, we use Royal Mail. Given their size, they make a fairly big environmental impact, but in monitoring their performance and use of resources, they’ve continually reduced their total carbon emissions – and added more electric vehicles to their fleets – and increased the amount of waste diverted from landfill.

3 Donkeys free delivery

As a growing business, it’s really important for us to go green in as many ways as possible. We’re proud of what we’ve done so far and we’ll always look for new ways to get creative and be responsible in this climate emergency.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our ladies coveralls and apparel to keep you clean, dry, and stylish in your outdoor work. And remember, 3 Donkeys is still very much open for business during this change to all our circumstances – and we’re offering you FREE delivery on many items too.

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