An Exciting New Hi-Vis Women’s Workwear Partnership For 3 Donkeys

Woman wearing a 3 Donkeys hi-vis Foxworthy hoodie standing next to a horse

Starting and running your own business from scratch is hard work and full of ups and downs. But while overcoming those self-employed obstacles that appear from out of nowhere, there are plenty of wins to celebrate along the way as well. And one of those big wins is an adventure 3 Donkeys is about to embark on, which involves an exciting new partnership.

A new challenge

Back in 2017, our mission was to transform women’s workwear and create something that was not only highly functional but stylish and comfortable. And we achieved that in spades with our Classic coverall. Since then, we’ve released another two versions of the coverall – the Dartmoor Equestrian coverall and the Original coverall – alongside a growing range of branded apparel and accessories.

But after six years, we figured it was time to bring in something completely different. A new challenge for a range of hi-vis women’s workwear that would enhance our primary offering, our showpiece ladies’ coveralls, yet allowed us to work in an area untapped by 3DHQ. And as a result of a mutual ‘follow’ on Instagram, we’re ready to tell you more about it.

Hi-vis women’s workwear

As some of the more eagle-eyed of you may have seen or read, we recently teased you with some information about this a few weeks ago. But we thought we’d let you know as much as possible and share the news as we officially launch a new range of products.

So, we’re pleased to tell you that this year, we’ll partner with hi-vis clothing specialists Leo Workwear and will be official stockists for their women’s hi-vis workwear range. On top of that, we’re also working with them to produce an exclusive range of 3 Donkeys hi-vis women’s workwear:

Proudly designed in Devon

This partnership is definitely a new direction for us. But because we’ve always focused on women’s workwear, it’s a natural fit for our range of 2-into-1 women’s coveralls and apparel. While we’ve highlighted the importance of reflective women’s workwear with our coveralls, this new line of hi-vis workwear will take things to a whole new level and will be a massive help to anyone who works at night or in low-light visibility.

Leo has over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality, hi-vis workwear, so they certainly know their stuff which is why we’re so keen to work with them. Plus, they have core values that match our own on things like sustainability and inclusivity, alongside their environmentally friendly, low-impact clothing. And working with Leo means we’ll share their positive outlook of all our products being proudly designed in Devon! 

Shop 3 Donkeys women’s hi-vis workwear today!

So now you know all about our new venture, head over to check out our new Leo/3 Donkeys hi-vis women’s workwear – the Ashbury Snood Sweatshirt, the Foxworthy Hoodie, and the Raven Waistcoat – and buy direct from us today.

We’ve got a few more ideas up our sleeves and a few new products in the pipeline which we’ll tell you about when they’re ready. And, of course, our Classic coverall, Dartmoor Equestrian coverall, and our Original coverall are all still available.

For more information on those or any questions on our hi-vis range, call us on 01837 658 328 or email: today.


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