Top Reasons Why Our Reflective Workwear For Women Is Essential

With another glorious, hot summer behind us, Autumn is now well and truly on its way. And with a temperature drop, we need to get used to darker mornings and evenings getting darker earlier. With many of our customers in the equestrian industry, we know there are a lot of early starts and late finishes, so we wanted to highlight the top reasons why our reflective workwear for our women’s coveralls is so essential.

How reflective workwear can help you

High visibility gear or reflective workwear is primarily used for health and safety reasons. And those grey, reflective strips we’re so familiar with are made from retroreflective material containing thousands of glass microbeads. These allow light from vehicle headlights or a torch to be reflected back to the source, making the reflective workwear stand out in poor light or the dark.

With anyone working in stables or on farms being active in the early or late hours of the day, safety became a key focus for us as we developed our women’s workwear. Adding hi-vis reflective strips to the legs and arms of our Classic and Dartmoor Equestrian coveralls ticked an essential box. So let’s look at how our reflective workwear can help you.

Professional Workwear

While many 3 Donkeys customers use their coveralls for light outdoor work at home, there are also plenty of farm or stable owners with staff who wear them too. Using our reflective workwear shows they’re professional and take the safety of their workers seriously, whether they’re working on the premises or in a public area.

Personalised Workwear

With reflective strips on the legs, arms, and chest of our Classic coveralls, and reflective strips on the legs and arms, plus reflective piping on the chest and shoulders, of our Dartmoor coveralls, both sets of workwear make sure you can be seen in a darker environment.

But did you know you can have personalised workwear too? Yes, you can enhance your Original coverall with reflective lettering on the back of the jacket. And your Classic coverall can have the same, but with additional reflective lettering down the right arm as well. Perfect for adding your business name or individual staff names for a bit of personality.

Protective Workwear

With our range of coveralls giving you head-to-toe protection from dust, mud, wind, and rain, you could say you’ll be ready for anything. But they’re also designed with enough room to wear plenty of layers, protecting you from those cold, harsh early mornings and evenings. And being reflective workwear means you have added safety protection keeping you visible.

Stay functional and fabulous with 3 Donkeys reflective workwear

Our 3 Donkeys reflective workwear for women is essential, serving a real purpose for women who work outdoors and need protection from muck and dirt. But their design means they’re practical and functional for everyday work use too – plus, they have a uniquely feminine shape, so you always look fabulous wherever you wear them!

So why not shop our full range of ladies coveralls today and take a look at our growing range of 3 Donkeys apparel and accessories too? There’s something for everyone to keep you and your staff looking stylish and comfortable all year round. And if you have any questions, just call us at 3DHQ on 01837 658 328 or email:

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