How our ladies’ coveralls compare with standard all-in-ones


When searching for women’s workwear, there is generally a marked difference between the wide range of men’s options available and the limited options available for females. Finding well fitting, feminine ladies’ overalls, coveralls or boiler suits used to be near enough impossible, with many female workers having to resort to wearing impractical men’s workwear.

At 3 Donkeys we’re delighted to sell a product which enables women to benefit from both the optional benefits of an all-in-one, with some key differences. We take a look at what sets our ladies’ coveralls apart from the crowd.


Simple acts like going to the toilet are made a whole lot harder when having to remove a complicated all-in-one every time nature calls. With our coveralls, the jacket and trousers both have elasticated waists and are joined at the waist with a sturdy zip. This means that you have the option to wear them independently, allowing for fast and easy removal, as and when required.


In the past, with limited options available, women have been forced to wear men’s workwear which is often ill-fitting, rendering them not only extremely unflattering but often uncomfortable and impractical. It’s clear that men’s workwear was never intended to accommodate the female figure. Our coverall was designed specifically to suit the female body, whilst retaining the standard and durability of quality workwear. With an array of sizes and an elasticated waistband, all body types are catered for.

Style and material

When shopping for ladies’ coveralls, women often find that they’re either very drab or come in a series of hot pinks; not everybody’s cup of tea. Our aim was to create a feminine, attractive product, which people felt comfortable wearing throughout their working day. The material we use is a poly-cotton fabric which is not only breathable but also long-lasting and affordable.

Launched in Devon in 2017, the 3 Donkeys team believe in creating quality overalls for women across a range of professions, from farmers to dog walkers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

3 Donkeys