What should you wear under your coverall?


Although it’s pretty much a given that the clothes you wear under your coverall don’t need to be a fashion statement, that doesn’t mean you can just wear any old thing. To make the most out of your ladies’ overalls and feel completely comfortable, take a bit of time to consider what your base layers are going to be. Some tips include:

Choose breathable fabrics

When you’re being active you don’t want your clothes to stay damp against your skin all day. Choosing activewear that’s designed especially for physical activity is always a smart choice, but natural materials like cotton or merino wool also work well.

Thermals in the winter

Women’s coveralls aren’t designed to provide too much warmth, which makes them suitable for all four seasons. But this means you will have to take measures to keep warm during the winter. Thermal layers are used by those who work outdoors and will fit nicely underneath your coveralls.

Nothing too bulky

Avoid wearing very bulky clothes, as they may not fit under your overalls and could  restrict your movements. If you need to wear bulkier clothes underneath your coveralls, it’s important you take this into consideration when choosing your size.

Long sleeves

Even on warmer days, it’s best to choose long sleeves and pant legs for wearing under your coveralls. You can choose cooler or cosier fabrics to suit different weathers, but having this base layer close to your skin will avoid any unwanted chafing throughout the day.

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