How To Keep Your Ladies Coveralls Clean And Weatherproof

With two sets of 3 Donkeys ladies coveralls to choose from, whatever outdoor equestrian work or leisure activities you do, they’ve got you covered. But by giving you full head to foot protection from dirt, grime, and mud, they’ll also need frequent washing. So what’s the best way to keep your ladies overalls clean – and weatherproof?

Ladies workwear for every job

By manufacturing two different types of women’s workwear coveralls, we wanted to make sure that they were suitable for different types of outdoor work. That’s why our Classic coveralls are made using lightweight, breathable polycotton fabric – designed to keep your clothes clean and dirt-free for all those mucky tasks that are either undercover or outdoors when it’s not raining.

But our Dartmoor coveralls go a big step further. Used for any work or activities that need you to be outdoors in all weathers, the breathable Ventile® fabric is hard-wearing, weather-proof, and water-resistant, keeping you dry and clean.

So, given that both coveralls are made from different fabrics and are suited for different things, what’s the best way to keep them clean and weatherproof?

3 Donkeys Classic Coveralls

Because our Classic coveralls are made from a polycotton mix fabric, it means they’re completely machine washable, so however dirty they get, you know there’s an easy, hassle-free way to get them clean. But there’s one part of the Classics that will need some TLC every now and again. 

Every Classic coverall features a set of weatherproof and water-repellent ballistic nylon patches that keep your knees dry when the ground is wet or damp. But its water-resisting and repelling qualities can fade over repeated washes. So you can reinvigorate them by using a fast-acting, quick-drying water-proofer like our recommended Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On.

3 Donkeys Dartmoor Equestrian Coveralls

Just like the Classics, our Dartmoor equestrian coveralls are also fully machine-washable for ease. But, thanks to the Ventile® material they’re made from, they’re completely weatherproof, rainproof, and water repellent all over. Great for essential outdoor work, but it does mean some extra special treatment is needed now and again.

For every wash cycle, we recommend using Nikwax Tech Wash – a wash-in cleaner that safely cleans and reinvigorates the breathability, and maintains the water-repellency, of the fabric. This can be followed by another separate wash cycle using Nikwax Cotton Proof. This soaks in during the wash to reproof your coveralls, leaving a fresh, flexible layer of water repellent treatment that develops as your coveralls air dry. 

Helping you get the most out of your coveralls

Nikwax is the market leader in waterproofing, cleaning, and all-round conditioning of all outdoor gear and that’s why we’ve chosen these high-performance, premium products to be used on our coveralls.

Alongside supplying a free, single-wash sachet of both the Nikwax Tech Wash and Nikwax Cotton Proof with every new pair of Dartmoor coveralls we sell, we’re also stocking both products in 300ml bottles as a dual set. So if you’ve had your Dartmoors for a while, this will bring them back to their protective best. Shop online today and buy direct from 3 Donkeys here.

We’re also stocking 300ml bottles of the Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On for the ballistic nylon knee patches on your Classics as well. So pick up your supply today by buying direct from 3 Donkeys here.

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