The 3 Donkeys Guide To Staying Warm Outside

At the time of writing this, we’re in mid-January. Luckily, it’s not too wet, but we are going through a cold snap which isn’t much fun when you’re working outside. But getting outside in the cold for work or pleasure doesn’t have to be unpleasant. You just need to be properly prepared, and that means dressing accordingly. Here’s our 3 Donkeys guide to wearing the right clothes and staying warm outside. 

To layer or not to layer?

Dressing for outdoor activity in the winter can be difficult to get right. Your natural metabolism will warm you up as you work or exercise, so too many of the wrong layers will bulk you up, which can get hot, uncomfortable, and a bit impractical. Too few layers and you lose your internal heat too quickly making it difficult to keep your core temperature up. 

But one of the key things to remember – if you’re moving a lot doing physical equestrian work in the yard or out in the fields – is that your upper layers can ride up at the front or the back (or both), leaving you exposed to draughts. So what’s the best way to retain your body heat and eliminate those pesky midriff and back draughts for an altogether more comfortable working experience?

Layers for comfort and warmth

When you need to layer up, wearing thinner layers, but more of them is better than wearing fewer, but thicker, layers. Each layer is designed to absorb moisture or trap your body heat to keep you warmer for longer, but also allows you to regulate your own temperature by taking a layer or two off to keep cool and comfortable. 

Starting with your base layer, this will absorb any sweat and help to regulate your core body temperature. Then your mid-layer will protect you against the cold, while your outer layer protects you from the outside elements – and keeps you dry. 

There’s a whole layering system to explore and we give you tips on the best layering to keep you warm in cold weather. And 3 Donkeys also has a range of layers to get you started – check out our lightweight 3D-branded base layer, plus our t-shirts, vests, and original, sparkle, or cosmic hoodies. And if your ears get cold, try the fleecy 3 Donkeys headband!

Draught-free protection

While those layers are great at keeping you warm and comfortable outside, good layering doesn’t necessarily keep those draughts out. Tucking things in won’t make them stay in place all day, so this is where our fabulous ladies work coveralls come into their own. In fact, they’re the ideal outer layer in more ways than one.

With their revolutionary 2-into-1, zipped waist design our Dartmoor ladies equestrian coveralls and Classic ladies coveralls give you the easiest way to stay weather and dirt protected. And the heavy-duty zip keeps both jacket and trouser properly secured under a protective outer flap to keep your back covered and draught-free. 

And unlike any other women’s workwear coveralls, when you need a comfort break, the zip does all the hard work for you – easily separating the jacket from the trouser in one easy move, so you stay layered up and toasty warm.

Getting the mix of layering just right depends on what you’re doing and how cold it is and these tips to staying warm outside should help you beat the cold. But there’s no contest when it comes to the 3 Donkeys ladies coveralls for ease of use, comfort, and draught protection. Have you ordered yours yet?

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