Lockdown Exercise Ideas To Stay Active In The New Year


After welcoming in 2021 behind closed doors, we now find ourselves officially back in lockdown. And like the previous lockdowns, we’ve seen businesses all temporarily closing their doors – including gyms. So as getting fit is usually hovering near the top of most resolutions at this time of year, what daily lockdown exercise can we do to replace our gym fix?

Staying active in a post-Christmas lockdown

In the first lockdown last year, we were only allowed out for an hour a day to get our daily gasp of fresh air, with only Joe Wicks on the TV to keep our eyes on the exercise prize. Thankfully, it’s not that bad this time around. So what can we do to help us burn off some of that Christmas excess?

Though it’s January and still cold, dark, and usually wet at both ends of the day, there are more than a few ways to get fit(ter) without going to the gym or breaching the latest COVID restrictions.

1) Get mentally fit

We may be more used to lockdowns, but it can still be difficult for some people to cope with. Starting each day with a short period of mindfulness, relaxation, and meditation will help you focus on everything else that’s good in life, helping you in the here and now. You could also combine these sessions with some low-level yoga or pilates to help change body and mind.

2) Start a 30-day exercise challenge

Joe Wicks was many people’s exercise saviour last year with his daily TV workouts. If you’re not at the point where you can lunge, squat, and plank with the best of them, why not set yourself a 30-day challenge to ease you in gently? Doing a little more each day can build up your stamina, helping you build up fitness levels and get back to the gym when they re-open.

3) Explore your local areaSome people aren’t natural exercisers, but when faced with a lockdown, it can often be the motivation we need to just ‘get outside’. As we’re allowed to be out and about in our local areas, walking the dog, cycling, or discovering local trails and walks can be all we need to get healthier. So dust off the pedometer and start counting those steps.

4) Rediscover your green fingers

We know that yard work can be a great source of exercise, but if you don’t have that opportunity, now’s a great time to get outside and get back to – or start – the new year gardening routine. As it’s January, there’s not too much to do besides general tidying, trimming, and digging over the beds and borders. But it’s a great way to get some exercise and get gardening back onto your agenda as we head into spring.

5) Make use of outside spaces

Though we need to minimise our time outside, we’re still allowed to walk, run, cycle, or use a personal trainer in a public space in our local area. Remember to be either by yourself, anyone you live with, or someone in your bubble, but make the most of nearby parks, beaches, forests, open countryside, or any other public space.

Doing any of these will help you feel fitter and healthier, even if they are in small doses, so why not give them a try? And it’s likely to be muddy, wet, or cold (or all three) when you get outside, so don’t forget your 3 Donkeys ladies coveralls to keep you clean and dry or one of our hoodies or bobble hats to keep you warm. And remember: hands, space, face – and stay safe.

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