Shop Local This Christmas To Support Small Businesses

While last Christmas could be classed as something of an understated event for many obvious reasons, it looks like (fingers crossed) we could return to some kind of festive normality this year. And as we get back to our shopping habits in the run-up, all signs point to shoppers continuing to support and buy from local, small businesses just like they did last year.

Shop local to support small business

While Christmas 2021 might still be a bit different, it’s still a time for giving and receiving and enjoying the spirit that makes this time of year so special. So when it comes to buying gifts for your loved ones, supporting small and local businesses is an excellent way to pay it forward.

Back in December 2020, finance giants, Visa released a report showing what shopping locally means in real terms. While it makes for some interesting reading, one stand out revealed that 62% of the survey respondents were worried “that independent businesses will not survive without the backing of their local community this Christmas. 

Following that, 81% of them are “supporting local businesses as much as – or more than – they were before the COVID-19 pandemic, while more than half (54%) plan to do at least some of their Christmas shopping with local, independent businesses in their area, either online or in-store.”

What buying local really means

All good news and from what we’ve seen and heard across this year, it looks like that trend will continue. But what does buying locally mean in real terms? The Visa report points out that for every £10 spent with a small business, nearly £4 of it will stay in the local area. But there are plenty of other reasons why supporting small, local – and independent – businesses this Christmas – and throughout the year – is important:

• It helps your local economy. By helping your area to thrive, shopping local can create new jobs while developing businesses and nurturing growth.

• It’s more sustainable. Many small businesses are more in tune with their environmental footprint and tend to be more sustainable, so buying from them has less of an impact on the planet.

• It makes a difference. Shopping online from a huge corporation is easy and convenient, but does your spending make a difference to them? Shopping locally and independently means you’re supporting a small business or a solopreneur to carry on doing what they love and put money into their business – and food on the table!

Whatever you’re thinking of buying as a gift for any of your friends or family, why not shop local first? Many small businesses have a great range of gifts and goods, as well as loyalty schemes and gift vouchers. And with many active on social media, they’ll be only too pleased to help you with any questions, responding much more quickly than any centralised customer service team.

Shop with 3 Donkeys

This is how 3 Donkeys likes to operate as well and it’s our friendly, personal service that really makes a difference for many of our customers as they make their small business purchase. So check out what products we can offer you this Christmas.

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From all of us here at 3 Donkeys HQ, we wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. See you in 2022!

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