Should I Buy Coveralls, Overalls, or a Boiler Suit?


When it comes to practical workwear, there are a huge number of variations on the same theme – something that covers your clothes and possibly skin to protect them from damage. Who knew that finding the right solution for you could be such a difficult choice?! As a woman working in an industry that requires protective clothing, you want to make sure you choose something that is both functional and professional. First things first; what’s the difference between coveralls, overalls, and boiler suits?

Boiler suits and coveralls

Both a women’s boilersuit and women’s coveralls offer comfortable protection from dirt, paint or other grime that may stain clothing and skin. Covering the shoulders down to the ankles, with long sleeves to protect your arms, a boilersuit is one piece and may have an adjustable waistband for comfort. Coveralls offer a similar solution, with the difference that they do not have to be one piece – 3 Donkeys offer a coverall composed of a top and bottoms which can be zipped together or worn independently.

If what you’re looking for women’s workwear with both form and function, the 3 Donkeys coverall offers a great solution for you or any woman in your life who works in a trade that needs protective gear.


Again, similar in purpose to coveralls and boilersuits, an overall may also refer to the bib-and-brace style also known as dungarees. Traditionally popular with painters and decorators, overalls may feature a large front pocket for tools making them useful if you’re carrying equipment about with you during the day. They usually do not cover the arms, so this may have an impact on their usability depending on your profession.

Whether you’re looking for a women’s farming coverall or ladies clipping suit, 3 Donkeys offer a practical and functional solution for the modern working woman.

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