What essentials do you need when working in the garden?


One of the great things about owning your own home is having a garden to relax in. Whether you like to have friends around or prefer to sit on a lounger with a good book, chilling out in the garden is a great way to spend some time. For many women in the UK though, it is simply getting out there and enjoying working on it that gives the most pleasure. From weeding to planting new shrubs, it is a pastime many women love to follow.

If you are thinking of heading out to spruce your garden up, here are a few essential items to make it a bit easier.


Any keen gardener needs a handy pair of secateurs to work with. These come in very useful for a whole range of tidying and pruning jobs around your borders and beds. Simple to use and relatively inexpensive, they will help you tidy up any unruly plants or bushes.


Although some gardeners do not like to wear gloves, for most it is a good option. They give your hands protection when gardening from things like splinters and thorns. They will also ensure you do not pick up nicks or cuts when working in the soil which could then get infected.

Gardening overalls

Working in the garden can be a muddy and messy business. This means you don’t want to be wearing your normal house clothes. To get around this problem, overalls are a great choice. Gardening overalls are hard-wearing, easy to move in and will keep your normal clothes clean.If you buy ladies overalls through 3 Donkeys, they are also specifically designed for females to use.

Why not try a women’s gardening overall?

When it comes to women’s workwear, a pair of specially designed overalls is a great idea. The problem with standard overalls is that they are not designed to fit women’s bodies or their particular needs. Here at 3 Donkeys, our gardening overalls for women solve this issue. Check out our site for more details or get in touch today with any questions.

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