Stay cosy in coveralls this winter


No, we’re not suggesting you head out onto the high street in your ladies coveralls rather than a parka this year – but staying warm and toasty while you’re getting your hands dirty is a top priority during the coldest months of the year. Luckily, coveralls are pretty well-insulated anyway, but here are our tips on staying warm in coveralls this winter.

It’s all about layering

The most important thing about coveralls is that they’re there to protect you from dirt and damage while you’re at work – so the trick is to layer clothes underneath the coveralls. Try adding a thermal layer underneath your usual clothes, and if it’s really cold, fleece-lined jumpers and bottoms should help. If you do get chilly and intend to wear a lot of layers under your coveralls, it might be best to buy coveralls a size up from your usual size – to ensure they’re not too tight once you’ve got all your winter warmers on, too.


Don’t be afraid to accessorise with a discreet scarf or a snood if you get a chill around your neck. Our 3 Donkeys women’s coveralls come with velcro fastening around the neck, so your scarf should remain protected as long as you tuck it in. Headbands are also a convenient way to keep your head and ears a little warmer while being easy to wash and wipe clean. And don’t forget to keep your toes toasty with thick socks inside your boots – a second pair isn’t always a bad idea in the depths of December, either.

Whatever your style, it’s possible to be both comfortable and fashionable this winter in ladies overalls. Check out our 3 Donkeys women’s workwear for specialist women’s overalls that will keep you warm all year round.

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