The importance of feeling good in your work clothes


When working outdoors, it can be easy to neglect your appearance, due to the inevitable dirt that you will encounter. However, just because you don’t have the standard office environment to work in, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear clothes that make you feel your best. Here we explain why looking good at work can have a wealth of benefits.

Increased confidence

When you feel confident about how you look, this confidence extends to all areas of yourself. On the contrary, when you feel insecure, this can cause you to adopt a shy demeanour where you shut yourself away.

Your newfound confidence can improve your communication with clients, as you will likely want to speak to new people when you are feeling content with yourself.

Pride in what you do

As you present yourself with care, you will also treat your work in the same way. By making an effort to source practical but stylish women’s workwear, you will be making a small step which indicates to yourself and those around you that you want to make a good impression.

Whilst outdoor professionals are definitely not expected to adorn formalwear, making small adjustments can enhance your working reputation.

Increased productivity

Research has indicated that what you wear affects your attitude towards work [].

You are likely to associate a particular value with a piece of clothing, that then resonates in the work environment. For example, you glance at your stained boiler suit with despair, so when you wear it to work in, you feel messy and unaccomplished.

On the other hand, when you wear new clothes, you associate this with a sense of change that can drive you to feel positive at work. This positivity can help you to focus on the job in hand and be more productive.

By establishing a specific work wardrobe, you can go a long way in enhancing your productivity.

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