How Our Social Media Went Viral and Boosted Our Brand Engagement

3 Donkeys owner, Amanda Marshall, at TikTok HQ in London

In the early days of 3 Donkeys Clothing, I quickly learned that using social media wasn’t optional in business, and I needed to get up to speed – and fast. Although I’m now maintaining all four of our social channels, with plenty of updates and new features regularly being added, every day’s a school day – and it’s a pretty steep learning curve. So imagine my surprise when one of our Instagram reels went viral… 

Social media channel hopping

Social media presence is essential for 3 Donkeys, and it helps us to connect and engage with our core audience and reach potential customers beyond that. But as much fun as it is to share photos and the latest news, each channel also gives us important insights and data, which are vital to increasing brand awareness and generating new sales leads. 

Of our four active social channels, I favour Instagram, where we have nearly 5.5k fabulous followers. It’s quick and easy to use, so you’ll often see stories I post daily about various topics, from product updates and behind-the-scenes stuff to me posting out our latest 2-into1 ladies coveralls orders, alongside plenty of grid posts and reels. 

But whatever it is, I always like to stay consistent and make it interesting and engaging. So I was blown away when one of my reels went viral – or at least I think it did!

Over 1 million views

At the beginning of November, I created a quick video about what makes our 2-into-1 coveralls different. Focusing on the heavy-duty waist zip on our fabulous Exmoor Country Coveralls, the video is only 7 seconds long, but it just took off for some reason!

Within a week or so, the video was up to over 1,000 views, which is excellent, and I wasn’t expecting much more – anything above that is a bonus. But the number of views kept rising, and by the end of the month, it had reached over 1.6 million views. Incredible social media activity.

I also decided to post the same video on our TikTok channel for our almost 1,000 followers. Although this version has a little extra footage, taking it up to 30 seconds long, it’s racked up nearly 117,000 views after only one week, which is our best TikTok yet. 

But the video’s success, especially on TikTok, might have had something to do with my recent trip to TikTok HQ in London in September. As TikTok was a sponsor of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023, they invited all the finalists (including 3 Donkeys) up to London to take part in a special workshop on how to use TikTok for business and building a brand. I came out with loads of actionable takeaways and tips, and something obviously stuck!

Come and follow us

The video was nothing out of the ordinary or wildly different from the content I usually publish. But it shows that when a social media post catches people’s attention for whatever reason, its potential reach is massive and can propel your brand and your products to a whole new audience worldwide. Now, the pressure’s on to see if I can match its success. Watch this space!

If you’re already following us on one of our social channels (thank you!), you might not know of the others we’re active on, so here’s a quick overview of where you can find us, follow us, and who knows, maybe help us make our next post go viral!

TikTok @3donkeysclothing 



Twitter (X)@3donkeysltd 

And, of course, you can keep up to date, read our latest blogs, and check out our fabulous 2-into-1 ladies’ coveralls, buying them directly from our online store.


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