How Waterproof Is The Exmoor Country Coverall?

Woman wearing 3- Donkeys women’s waterproof Exmoor Country Coverall

When you’re doing any outdoor work that could get you dirty, muddy, or rain-soaked, 3 Donkeys has you covered. Since 2018, our range of reliable women’s 2-into-1 coveralls has been designed to protect you from any weather you’re faced with, when riding out, mucking out, or any other outdoor pursuit. But our latest Exmoor Country Coverall goes one step further by becoming a shield against rain, wind, and more, with the very highest international standard of industrial-level waterproof coverall protection.

Covering you for all conditions

Launching our first women’s 2-into-1 coverall in 2018, the Classic suits dirty, dusty, or muddy jobs undercover or outdoors when it isn’t raining. But while the lightweight, breathable polycotton fabric is ideal for clothing protection, whatever the circumstances, the ballistic nylon knee patches provide excellent wet-ground protection.

But our 2018 follow-up ladies’ 2-into-1coverall, the Dartmoor, changed the game. At this point, we chose to use a Ventile® fabric, a high-strength, high-performance, 100% breathable cotton that’s treated to make it completely weatherproof. The Dartmoor was our first product classed as weatherproof, windproof, rainproof, and water-repellent.

While these coveralls are our best sellers, loved by our customers for keeping them protected while doing the outdoor work on the farm, in the stables, or even in the garden, we had to wait a few years to take our next step towards even better waterproof coveralls.

Unrivalled waterproof coverall performance

With the release of our fabulous Exmoor Country Coveralls in September 2023, our partnership with Leo® Workwear put us in the big league for women’s workwear that gives unrivalled waterproof coverall performance. With an advanced material upgrade, the Exmoor uses 100% recycled EcoViz® 10k mechanical stretch polyester and PU transfer laminate backing.

These materials are robust and breathable, giving the best balance between keeping you dry and comfortable while wearing the Exmoor. The material also meets the British Standards (BS) EN343 4:4 standards to the highest rating.

What does EN343 4:4 mean?

The Exmoor sets an incredibly high standard in waterproof performance, meeting the rigorous BS EN343 certification with an impressive 4:4 rating. This certification, a European standard for protective clothing against the elements, involves testing for water penetration resistance and breathability on a scale of 1-4.

Image showing the waterproof women’s Exmoor Country Coverall from 3 Donkeys getting wet.The 4:4 rating signifies the highest level of waterproofness, ensuring the Exmoor gives you exceptional protection against heavy rainfall or wet conditions. With this certification, you can trust that every seam, zip, and fabric element of the Exmoor has been designed and engineered to withstand the worst weather conditions.

But the 4:4 rating also refers to the coverall’s material’s breathability, or water vapour resistance, to give it the official term. That means you can wear the Exmoor with the safety of optimal garment breathability without fear of becoming hot and sweaty while you’re wearing it.

With the highest rating on waterproofness and breathability, the Exmoor easily meets the EN343 industry benchmarks, promising a reliable, durable, and fully waterproof coverall when you need the ultimate outdoor performance.

Buy your certified waterproof Exmoor Country Coveralls today

So, whatever outdoor work or country pursuits you’re doing, grab your pair of award-winning waterproof and breathable women’s 2-into-1 Exmoor Country Coveralls today. Follow the link to find out more and buy directly from our store now.

We’re already seeing some of our customers give the Exmoor their own splash test on Instagram and giving them a thorough testing. And the results have been outstanding – 100% waterproof every time. Why not put them to the test yourself and tag us in to see the results?

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