There’s More Than One Way To Wear Your Women’s Coveralls

Women's coveralls by 3 donkeys with a farm quad bike

With the complete functionality of every style of 3 Donkeys women’s coveralls, they give you the best chance of staying comfortable and clean however you wear them. But the beauty of our coveralls lies in the one design feature that made them different from everything else on the market. And now that summer’s on its way, it’s time to ditch the jacket and let the trousers do the dirty work.

A functional and practical choice

When we first dreamed of creating a women’s coverall, we wanted to include one key design feature right from the start. In a male-dominated world of restrained all-in-one, ill-fitting, and impractical coveralls, the focus for 3 Donkeys was to add a well-placed, heavy-duty zip around the waist – amazingly, something that hadn’t been done before. 

Completely separating the jacket from the trousers so both can be worn independently gave us a fully functional and completely practical way to wear a new style of women’s coveralls – designed for women, by women. But it also gave the women who wear them the freedom to wear only the parts they need depending on the job and the weather.

The benefits of wearing women’s coveralls as ‘trouser only’

So, now that summer is right around the corner, what are the benefits of hanging up the jacket and wearing just the trousers? Here are a few things to think about:

> Free movement

Wearing only the trousers gives unrestricted movement for your legs and hips. This is particularly helpful in tasks that require bending, squatting, or stretching, allowing you to do your work or activities more comfortably and efficiently.

> Enhanced comfort

Removing the jacket portion improves your comfort, stopping potential restrictions on your upper body and providing increased airflow. This is especially helpful if you get warm easily or the jacket’s sleeves might restrict your arm movements.

> Lightweight and breathable

Without the added jacket, wearing just the trousers reduces the overall weight of the coverall. This lighter and more breathable option can be fantastic on hot and humid days or during physically demanding tasks, helping you to stay cool as you work.

> Easy cleaning

Wearing just the trousers means you reduce the clothing that needs regular washing. This can also simplify the maintenance routine, saving time and effort in keeping your coveralls clean and protected. Check out our blog on how to keep your coveralls clean and weatherproof.

> Made for layers

By wearing only the trousers, you can wear upper-body clothing that suits you or the weather. Whether you wear a t-shirt, a base layer, a hoodie, or a hi-vis waistcoat, you can quickly adapt to changing temperatures or different work environments for maximum comfort and protection.

Women’s coveralls that are functional and practical 

Our complete range of women’s 3 Donkeys coveralls includes the revolutionary heavy-duty, 2-way waist zip for maximum functionality and practicality. So, whether pottering in the garden, out in the stable yard, or working the farm, you still get complete lower-body protection from mud, dust, and dirt. 

Whatever job you’re doing, wherever you’re doing it, and however you wear your women’s coveralls, they’ll give you the dirt and weather protection you need. And as all our coveralls are in stock and ready to buy online today, you can start wearing them in just a few days. So what’s stopping you?

If you need more info on any of our coverall range, call us on 01837 658 328 or email: today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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